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Department of Veterans Affairs seeks contractor info on blockchain use for data sharing, supply chain optimizing

advertisement The US Department of Veterans Affairs has laid out some specific areas that blockchain tech could be applied to its services.  According to a presolicitation notice published on November 26, the VA identified several areas in which the technology could be applied to its services. A presolicitation typically means that a government agency is probing contractor interest and viability in a particular project. “Specific task will focus on: (1) secure data sharing across institutions; (2) supply chain optimization; (3) …

Unpacking the Biden administration’s (crypto-friendly) blitz on ransomware

Quick Take The Biden administration’s rollout of its strategy against ransomware managed to get all of the relevant government agencies on the same page. It also went out of its way not to upset the crypto industry, which has reacted vocally to recent threats of a crackdown.  This feature story is available to subscribers of The Block Daily. You can continue reading this Daily feature on The Block. Source link

OCC affirms Brooks-era permissions for banks to handle crypto — sort of

advertisement In an interpretive letter publicized on November 23, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency tenuously maintained a series of greenlights that had come out of the previous administration. Last year, the OCC under then-Acting Comptroller Brian Brooks authorized federal banks to custody crypto, hold fiat reserves for stablecoin operators and operate cryptocurrency network nodes. Tuesday’s announcement said that those activities remain legal — as long as the bank engaging in them gets written authorization from its supervisory …