Messari launches governance aggregator facilitating DAO participation

The crypto research firm Messari released a new, free-to-use governance aggregator called Messari Governor that creates a framework for proposal information, voting and other key aspects of user participation in multiple decentralized automatic organizations (DAOs). 

DAOs enable members to make decisions as a group. Contributors’ usually receive tokens that allow them to have a say in what the group does, including with its funds. Since DAOs have no central leadership, they require democratic collaboration of its token-holding community members to pass proposals on actions the DAO might take.

Messari Governor streamlines what can be confusing about participating in multiple DAOs, such as keeping track of proposal information and their contexts and statuses, through a single user interface. The aggregator also enables users to vote on DAO proposals on its platform by connecting to Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or the crypto wallet platform WalletConnect. 

“There’s been exceptional progress across the Web3 landscape in the past 18 months, but there are still pain points in how decentralized communities scale operationally,” said Messari CEO and Co-founder Ryan Selkis, in a statement. “Messari Governor ensures users have reliable tools to digest information, manage resources and self-govern their communities.” Selkis did not respond in time for additional comment before publication. 

Notable DAOs of late have been now-defunct ConstitutionDAO, a collaborative effort of participants to purchase a surviving copy of the United States Constitution, and PleasrDAO, a community of non-fungible token (NFT) owners who collectively purchase culturally significant items such as a rare Wu-Tang Clan album.

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